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Govenor John E. Baldacci

Govenor John Elias Baldacci

John Elias Baldacci was reelected Governor of the State of Maine in November 2006 for a second term.
Governor Baldacci was born and raised in Bangor, Maine. One of eight children, Baldacci learned the value of communication and cooperation at a young age.
At twenty-three-years-old, Baldacci served as a member of the Bangor City Council, his first elected position.
Baldacci was re-elected to Congress in 1996, 1998, and 2000, and he committed himself to acting in the best interest of his home state and the people who lived there.
Governor Baldacci continues to dedicate himself to the people he serves, always remembering the question his father, Bob, posed to him when he was a State Senator: "What did you do for the people today?"

Blaine House - Maine's Governor's Mansion

The Blaine House is not only the home of Maine's Governors and their families: it is also a public building. 

The Blaine House was donated to the State of Maine for a Governor's residence by Harriet Blaine Beale in 1919. The house dates back to 1833 and was built by James Hall, a retired ship's captain. James G. Blaine purchased it in 1862 as a present for his wife, the former Harriet Stanwood, daughter of a prominent Augusta family. It was in memory of their grandson, Walker Blaine Beale, killed in action in World War I, that their daughter made her gift of this magnificent structure to the People of Maine.

Govenors Mansion - The Blaine House
Maine State Capital

State Capital Building of Maine

The state capital of Maine is Augusta.  Two U.S. Senators and two U.S. representatives gives Maine 4 electorial votes. The legislation is called a part-time citizen legislature, meeting from December to June in odd years and January to April in even years. 

The Constitution of Maine states that the Maine Legislature must consist of two separate houses or chambers:  The Senate and the House of Representatives.  The Constitution further provides that the House consist of 151 members.Each Representative has a district which represents approximately 7,500 people.

 The Maine Constitution requires that the Senate consist of an odd number of members, not less than 31 nor more than 35.  The Senate currently has 35 Senators, each has a district which represents approximately 35,000 people.


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